Hard Opening

A collection of video work from artists who dissent and evoke social justice in their performance and video practice, curated clips of revolutionaries  and practiced resistance. Featuring Tongues Untied by Marlon Riggs, Free, WHITE, AND 21 by Howardena Pindell, and  ITSOFOMO by David Wojnarowicz. With video works from Sondra Perry, Aria Dean, Taina Cruz,  Keioui, Zenobia Marder, Alyssa Mattocks, Aly Brown, Kamron Hazel, Cameron A. Granger, Sofia Moreno, and Baseera Khan.

Videos will begin streaming June 7th, 2020 and will continue screening until July 3rd.
Open 7PM-12AM, Wednesday - Sunday 

Open 1-6PM for appointment only. Please Contact: info@housing-art.info  

Followed by a vigil for Black Death in the United States. Caused by the the systemic effects of racism and it’s pipeline to premature or preventable Black Death. 

Vigil will start at 4pm, June 7th, 2020   191 Henry Street, NY, NY 
Feel free to bring flowers, drawings, candles, your own expressions/art 

Information and Thanks 

Part 1: 

(June 7 - June 19th) 

Baseera Khan
Videographed by Iki Nakagawa, with sound by Mike Taylor, Edited by Shani Strand. 
Courtesy of Baseera Khan, Participant Inc., University Art Museum, State University at Albany.

Keijaun Thomas, 
My Last American Dollar: Round 1. Tricking and Flipping Coins: Making Dollars Hit and Round 2. Black Angels in the Infield: Dripping Faggot Sweat,
A special UK iteration new audio/sound tracks made while in residency at ]ps[ for the PAUSE & AFFECT program. Filmed & edited by Matt Mahony-Page. 
Courtesy of Keioui.

Howardena Pindell 
Free, White and 21, 1980 
Courtesy of Howardena Pindell and Garth Greenan.

Taina Cruz 
How to Breathe Ecstasy, 2019
Courtesy of Taina Cruz.

Aly Brown 
Peeping Tom, 2017
Courtesy of Aly Brown.

Alyssa Mattocks
Untitled, 2017 
CME Nikes (the real ones), 2018 
Courtesy of Alyssa Mattocks.

Zenobia Marder 
Untitled, 2017 
Courtesy of Zenobia Marder.

Kamron Hazel 
got me acting outta pocket,  2020. 
Courtesy of Kameron Hazel.

Part II: 

(June 20 - July 3rd)  

David Wojnarowicz & Ben Neill
ITSOFOMO (In the Shadow of Forward Motion)
originally performed in 1989
Courtesy of the Estate of David Wojnarowicz and P.P.O.W.

Sondra Perry 
IT’S IN THE GAME ’17,  2017 
and Black Girl as a Landscape, 2010 
Courtesy of Sondra Perry and Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York.

Aria Dean
But as one... (rework feat.), 2019
Courtesy of Aria Dean, Château Shatto and Greene Naftali.

Marlon Riggs
Tongues Untied, 1989
Courtesy of Participant Inc. and California Newsreel.

Sofia Moreno
Mi Jardín Botánico: El Falso Final Feliz (My Botanical Garden: The False Happy Ending)
performed 2019 at Casa de Lago, Chapultepec with special participation by Victoria Moctezuma and video work by Jorge Luis Moranés. 
Courtesy of Sofia Moreno and Jorge Luis Moranés. 

Cameron A. Granger
This Must Be The Place, 2019. 
Courtesy of Cameron A. Granger. 

Jordan Strafer
pa, 2017. 
Re-interpretation of Lynch's The Amputee (1974)
Thanks to Richard Strafer & Jonathan Rick. 
Courtesy of Jordan Strafer. 

Massive thanks again to all of the artists, Participant Inc., EAI, Greene Naftali, Château Shatto, Garth Greenan, and P.P.O.W 

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